Coimbatore - India

The friendly relations that have existed since 2008 culminated in the first German-Indian twinning agreement to be officially recognized by the Indian government.

About Combiatore

With approximately 1.6 million inhabitants, after Chennai (formerly called Madras) Coimbatore is the second largest city in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located in the eponymous district of Coimbatore in the West of Tamil Nadu, close to the border with the state of Kerala.

Coimbatore is an important industrial location. The most notable branch of industry is the textile industry. Other major branches of industry include metalworking, machinery construction, automobiles and software.

83% of Coimbatore’s inhabitants are adherents of Hinduism, 9% are Muslims and 8% are Christians. The primary language is Tamil, while the official language is English.

From friendship to partnership

City friendships are the less formal version of international bilateral cooperation, and for the most part is restricted to one or two projects.

A city partnership is a bilateral relationship with a fixed duration, which has a broad foundation and incorporates all kinds of cooperation. The partnership provides a reliable and accountable foundation for business.

In India, all cooperation based on city partnerships is strictly regulated. The number of partnerships is determined by the size of the city.

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