Debt counselling

Assistance in the event of insolvency

The debt counselling service (Schuldnerberatung) provided by the Esslingen Kreisdiakonieverband offers insolvent individuals advice and support in order to help them stabilise their situation.

If you

  • no longer know how you will be able to pay your rent
  • do not have enough money to sustain yourself
  • fear a visit from the bailiff or wage garnishment
  • have recently had your account garnished
  • are looking for someone to talk to about your difficult situation,

then the debt counselling service can help you to

  • get your documents in order
  • find a way to reduce expenditure and increase your earnings
  • apply for any benefits you are entitled to
  • create a budget plan
  • compile a debt redemption plan
  • open a “garnishment-proof” bank account
  • make contact with creditors
  • protect yourself against unjustified claims
  • If necessary, commence consumer insolvency proceedings.

You must also be prepared to

  • avoid accumulating any further debt obligations
  • disclose your financial circumstances
  • work actively with us
  • adhere to agreements.

The aim of this consultation is

  • to allow you to live with your debts in a manner that does not threaten your livelihood
  • avoid a situation in which you lose your accommodation (or other similar predicaments)
  • develop outlooks and aspirations
  • help you to turn over a new leaf with your finances

There is no charge for these debt counselling services. Our advisers adhere to client confidentiality rules. Due to high demand, a short waiting time should be expected.



Diakonische Bezirksstelle Schuldnerberatung
Berliner Str.27
73728 Esslingen
Phone (07 11) 3 42 15 72 71

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