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Language course offers

Language is your key to social participation! A good and fast way to learn German is to attend language courses.

Going to another country means a big change in life for everyone. The faster you learn the new language, the greater the chance that you will soon find your way around your new home. You can talk to other people, participate in social life, work and develop personally and professionally.

(Course) offers and integration assistance

Learning Portal "I want to learn German"

To the portal I want to learn German

With the portal, the German Adult Education Association provides a tool to support the linguistic, social and professional integration of immigrants.

The portal is just as useful for self-employed learners as it is for material and as an accompanying medium in the context of integration or other German courses. For example, the offer includes:

  • a German course at levels A1 - B1
  • a German course on A1 level with extensive material for literacy in the second language German
  • Working and working language German

Low threshold courses

Literacy courses, German courses (basic, advanced and intensive courses), "Mum learns German" courses, KOVEK - KOEVErsationsKurse, i-Punkt - orientation and language courses - and tailored to the specific conditions of providers as well as to specific needs (course )Deals.

These offers, which are sponsored by the Office for Migration and Integration, are aimed primarily at participants who are not entitled to integration courses from the federal government, as well as those who can be better reached by offering them directly in their district.

Interested parties ask who, where, how, when and what, please:

Integration Courses

For new immigrants from non-EU states who have entered the Federal Republic after 1 January 2005 as well as for recipients of aid (for example Hartz IV) or those who are interested, there is usually theFederal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) Supported courses from the following providers:

Info / Flyer Integrationskurs des BAMF

Conversation, computers and groups

Conversation - speaking German together

KOnVErSationsKurs - KOVEK is a practice-oriented course for participants who have been living in Esslingen or Germany for some time and who have shortcomings, difficulties or shyness in speaking German together.

With KOVEK, the participants acquire a language skills appropriate to everyday situations and a better understanding of listening and reading. In introductory grammar, the previously acquired German language skills are refreshed. KOVEK offers a variety of generic content that encourages discussion, discussion and discussion.

  • Module 1 - Grammar Basics: German, Germany and Europe
  • Module 2 - Everyday Life, Fundamental Rights, Family, Conflicts in the Social Environment
  • Module 3 - Religion, Respect and Tolerance, Immigration and Integration
  • Module 4 - Education and Media
  • Module 5 - Participation and Engagement, Politics and Democracy
  • Module 6 - Economy, Labor, Offices, Future
  • Module 7 - Social Systems, Health, Environment and Climate
  • Module 8 - History of Germany and Course Evaluation

Computer training / International Computer Group

Depending on requirements and number of participants e.g. in German-Turkish.

Our offers and course content are constantly updated and restructured. Esslingers from different cultures can attend computer training in their native language.

Our offers are based on the needs of the participants. On their brought notebooks / laptops and on the existing Citizen PC individually comprehensive basics can be learned. Not we decide what you want to know but you!

Interested parties ask who, where, how, when and what please with:

Abteilung Migration und Integration
Beblinger Straße 3
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 35 12-28 76
Fax (07 11) 35 12-55 33 82

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Contact Persons

Abteilung Migration und Integration
Beblinger Straße 3
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 35 12-28 76
Fax (07 11) 35 12-55 33 82
Bianka Gärtner

Administation, Sachbearbeitung,

Phone (07 11) 35 12-28 76
Fax (07 11) 35 12-33 82
Office hours:

Montag, Dienstag, Donnerstag und Freitag: 8:30 - 12:30 Uhr; Mittwoch geschlossen

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  • Dolmetscherpool
  • Fachrat für Migration & Integration
Frau Miriam Denninghaus

Leiterin der Abteilung Migration und Integration

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