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Esslingen am Neckar is situated in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, integrated in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region and has a population of almost 92,000 inhabitants (as in January 2017).

56,000 people work here and make the second-highest turnover per industrial employee in the State of Baden-Württemberg According to the Innovation Index of 2006, the Stuttgart Region is the Number 1 in Germany for patent development, with 180 patents per 100,000 inhabitants. In Esslingen, these results are clearly exceeded, as just one firm which is located in Esslingen applies for about 150 patents per year.

However, Esslingen am Neckar is not only an important business location, but also a sought-after centre of science and research and a popular place to live, as the following testimonials verify.

Business Location

First of all comes Daimler AG with several locations in Esslingen: with its foundry as well as the axis and gear production in the Mettingen Plant, the Training Centre in Brühl and the flexible production in the Sirnau suburb, Daimler is nowadays the largest employer of the Engineering City. The 8,000 people employed in Esslingen do active research in various fields such as important future-orientated topics like electrical drive and hybrid drive.

Festo is also well-known worldwide and is a leading company for innovative pneumatic and electrical drives for production and process automation. The globally aligned independent family enterprise has over a period of 50 years offered innovation and problem-solving competence. This is proved by more than 150 patent applications per year. Today, Festo employs 2,800 employees in Esslingen. It is due to the extreme dynamics of the enterprise that 2,000 new jobs are planned in Esslingen by 2014.

Eberspächer, a leading manufacturer of heating systems and exhaust systems for vehicles, supplies the automotive industry worldwide, approx. 1,000 are employed at the company headquarters in Esslingen. Here can be found not only the company headquarters but also the production of park heatings and the Development Centre.

Wahler, the specialist for temperature and exhaust management for internal combustion engines, has its headquarters in Esslingen and has a turnover of almost 250 million euros.

The INDEX-Group, together with its subsidiary company TRAUB, is one of the largest leading turning machine manufacturers in the world. The Company operates worldwide with six production locations and five international marketing and service companies as well as 80 agencies. More than 1,000 employees work at the headquarters in Esslingen.

Citizen Machinery Europe is the world market leader for turning machine tools and has its European headquarters in Esslingen. Bechtle Verlag und Druck (Publishers and Printers) supply perfection in production and publishing qality. Over 100,000 people read the Eßlinger Zeitung (newspaper) daily. Kiesel Bauchemie, technologically lealing producers of laying systems for tiles and flooring, have their headquarters in Esslingen.

In additiion there are many famous companies which are rich in tradition, such as Hengstenberg or Kessler, the oldest sparkling wine manufacturers in Germany.

Other companies with a location in Esslingen are also EnBWBauer Gear Motor Esslingen und Schuler SMG Esslingen.

More large companies, institutions and public facilities*

  • AOK Regional Office Neckar - Fils
  • Friedrich Kögel KG
  • Klinikum Esslingen
  • Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen
  • Metro SB-Großmärkte GmbH & Co. KG
  • Möbel Rieger GmbH & Co. KG
  • Mondi GmbH
  • Minda Schenk Plastic Solutions GmbH
  • Städtische Pflegeheime Esslingen
  • Volksbank Esslingen eG
  • Wilhelm Diehl Internationale Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

Esslingen has all the branches of trade and commerce at its disposal as well as a wide service industries sector. In addition to the large business undertakings, many small and medium-sized companies contribute to the fact that the Engineering City of Esslingen is and remains one of the most important business locations of the Region.

*) from 200 employees at the Location Esslingen

Location of Science and Research

The Hochschule Esslingen has made a name for itself beyond our boundaries. The "University of Applied Sciences" has a total of 11 faculties and offers 20 Bachelor courses and 9 Master courses. 5,300 students are taught by 230 professors and 300 lecturers.

The main emphases of the university are engineering sciences, business studies and social sciences. In the fields of engineering sciences and business studies, the Hochschule can always be found among the best with the rankings of leading economic magazines and the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (Centre for University Development). With almost 60 partnerships with leading universities in the whole world, the Hochschule Esslingen keeps in close contact for student and knowledge exchange. In the Graduate School many international students meet in order to successfully complete their Master.

In addition, there are branch-orientated Competence and Innovation Centres in Esslingen and the Administrative District:

With the "Life Science Centre" , Esslingen has an address for one of the most dynamic branches: biotechnology. Young biotechnologists carry out research in an area of 2,000 sq.m. The LSC co-operates with the courses Biotechnology / Life Science at the Hochschule Esslingen.

The "Kompetenznetzwerk Mechatronik BW" (Competence Network for Mechatronics in Baden-Württemberg) is a platform basis where researchers, manufacturers and users make progress with the latest mechanical-electronic topics. The aim of the initiative is to give new impulses for the Location Baden-Württemberg and in the end to create location and job security with new technology.

The "Kompetenz- und Innovationszentrum Brennstoffzelle" (Competence and Innovation Centre Fuel Cells) has 50 members and portrays the chain of economic value added from research via production to use. The fuel cell is one of the key technologies for emission-free energy production in the future.

In the "Kompetenzzentrum Technische Textiliten" (Competence Centre for Technical Textiles) new products and methods are developed, special function mechanisms are researched, special test procedures are innovated and function patterns and zero series produces.


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