Citizens’ Building Advice Center

Your central drop-in center for all building-related issues

Our offices are situated on the first floor of the Technical Town Hall (Technisches Rathaus) in Ritterstraße. Access is disabled-friendly.

Please note that when you click on a link you will be directed to a page written in German.

On-site building-related services

  • The printed version of the official building developer’s guide published by Esslingen am Neckar Council:
    Online-Brochure - Building in Esslingen
  • Answers to initial enquiries concerning building projects 
  • Information about and copies of planning documents, e.g. from land development plans
  • In case of legitimate interest, access to and copies of construction plans and documents from the Land Rights Register
  • Access to building documents for people living in the neighbourhood of construction projects
  • Advice on planning and building regulations for people wishing to build 

Energy Drop-in Center

  • Free preliminary consultation (45 minutes)
  • Advice on saving energy
  • Referral to energy experts


Esslingen Council aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25 per cent by 2020. This can only be achieved if everybody plays their part – the council, the energy providers, businesses and private households.

Thanks to its participation in numerous projects, including photovoltaic roofs on schools, geothermal energy, and the Ecoprofit Program (Ecological Project For Integrated Environmental Technology), Esslingen has already won awards in two competitions – “Bundeshauptstadt Klimaschutz” (Climate Protection Capital) and “Climate Star”.

The Esslingen Energy Center makes saving energy simple. Experts explain how best to protect our climate. Every single one of us can make a difference!

The Esslingen Energy Center (Energiezentrum Esslingen – EZE) serves as a drop-in center for all citizens who want to protect the climate, save energy or use renewable energy. The climate is something that concerns us all.


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