Culture Pass

Free admission for citizens on a low budget

Are you a fan of live music? Do you enjoy a bit of political satire? Are you a keen cinema-goer? With the Culture Pass, you can pursue these pastimes even if you only have limited funds.

The Culture Pass is available from the Office for Social Welfare and Sport (Amt für Soziales und Sport).

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Eligibility criteria

Your income is below the threshold stipulated by the local council or you receive unemployment benefit II, income support, social security, child subsidy or housing allowance.

What does the Culture Pass offer?

Free admission or concessions for events
The cultural institutions and associations in Esslingen offer Culture Pass holders free admission or a limited number of free tickets for their events.

You can order tickets over the phone and collect them at the box office on presentation of your Culture Pass. Special arrangements apply at certain cultural venues; sometimes no free tickets are available for opening night performances, for example. You can reserve concessionary tickets for the Community Cinema (Kommunales Kino); free tickets are issued 10 minutes prior to commencement of the film depending on the number of seats still available.

Concessionary tuition fees at the Municipal Music School (Städtische Musikschule)
As a general rule, the Municipal Music School offers 20% or 40% concessions for siblings. Since 01.04.2014, holders of the Esslingen Culture Pass and all members of their family qualify for a further 25% reduction on tuition fees.

What events are free of charge for Culture Pass holders?

In the case of each event, the town’s online event calendar shows whether there are tickets available for Culture Pass holders. In the Adult Education Center (Volkshochschule) program, free events are indicated by the Culture Pass logo.

Culture Pass events


We bid you welcome with the Kulturpass

List of the participating organisations in alphabetical order


artgerechte Haltung Bildende Künstler Esslingen e.V.

The aHBKE (which roughly translates as The Assocation of Species-Appropriate Visual Artists) promotes and addresses topical and contemporary art, and presents it to art enthusiasts as well as artists.


Berkheimer Akkordeon Orchester e.v.
Phone (07 11) 3 45 60 48

Spring concerts, church concerts, open-air concerts, the Berkheimer lake festival and “Meisenfest” or even the occasional birthday serenade are just some of the fixed dates for the various permutations of the Berkheimer Accordion Orchestra. The concerts are usually free to attend.

Kulturiniative BLUES IN TOWN e.V.
Amselweg 10
73730 Esslingen am Neckar
Mobile phone (01 72) 7 26 33 69

The Esslingen “BLUES IN TOWN” Cultural Association has been organizing blues concerts for the last ten years, normally in the Vier Peh beer garden. Kulturpass pass holders are entitled to four tickets per event. Tickets must be reserved by phone at least one week before the event, and can then be picked up from the box office.

Vier Peh
Flandernstr. 99
73732 Esslingen am Neckar


Chor der Polizeidirektion Esslingen e.V.
Phone (0 71 58) 6 96 78

Since 1990, police officers have been singing with enthusiasts from other departments in church and choral concerts. Performances have been given at senior citizen afternoons, opening ceremonies of new police stations as well as at the invitation of other police choirs. The choir, under the leadership of Hartmut Volz, stages up to ten performances every year.
For each public concert, the Esslingen Police Choir provides 5 tickets. The tickets must be reserved by telephone beforehand, and picked up at the box office at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

Concordia Wäldenbronn e.V.
Ann Christina Gaß
Phone (07 11) 37 23 54
Mobile phone (01 71) 9 95 18 29

The Concordia 1855 Wäldenbronn is a mixed choir made up of roughly 60 vocalists under the leadership of Sabine Eberspächer. Every other year the Concordia choir performs a musical comedy or an operetta, aside from which they give regular concerts in churches and other venues. The array of young singers includes among their repertoire classic masters such as Mendelssohn, Mozart and Bach, but also spiritual and gospel music.
At every concert, six tickets are reserved for holders of the Kulturpass until three days before the event.


Esslinger Kammerchor e.V.
Phone (07 11) 3 45 29 87

The Esslingen Chamber Choir has devoted itself to the preservation of both secular and sacred music from every era of history. Renowned, age-old works should be experienced side-by-side with new, unknown pieces of music. As a result, a multiplicity of curiosities finds their way into the repertoire of the Esslingen Chamber Choir, led in their musical endeavours by Fabian Wöhrle.
The Esslingen Chamber Choir allocates 20 tickets per concert, which must be reserved by telephone and will be checked upon entry.

Esslinger Liederkranz 1827 e.V.
Phone (07 11) 38 13 81

The Esslinger Liederkranz 1827 e.V. is the oldest choral society in the city of Esslingen. The choir puts on concerts with orchestral accompaniment featuring the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, Brahms, Schumann and contemporary composers.
The Kulturpass grants free entry to anybody interested.

Esslinger Stadtmarketing und Tourismus GmbH
Marktplatz 16
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 39 69 39-69
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Fr, 10.00 bis 18.00 Uhr Sa 10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

Every Friday at 17:00, every Saturday at 14:00 and every Sunday at 11:00, the EST (Esslingen City Marketing and Tourism Ltd) organises sightseeing tours of the historical city. During the 1 ½ hour tour, history will be brought to life, and you will discover some of the less well-known things about the important monuments and beautiful nooks and crannies of the former free imperial city.
Kulturpass pass holders are entitled to one free tour per year, and must sign up in advance at the city information office, where you will be given a voucher for the tour. Registration at the city information office is possible.

Esslinger Vocalensemble


The Esslingen Vocal Ensemble was founded in 1977. Today the choir is made up of 60 vocalists and is directed by Hartmut Wolf. With a focus on sacred music, the choir’s repertoire ranges from acapella to great oratorios and passions from various musical eras. The number of available tickets varies, enquiries by telephone are welcome.



The “Galerien der Stadt Esslingen mit Villa Merkel und Bahnwärterhaus” is a city establishment which showcases frequently-changing exhibitions of contemporary and international art. Bearers of the Kulturpass are entitled to free entry in both buildings.

Villa Merkel:
Di 11.00 - 20.00 Uhr, Mi-So 11.00 - 18.00 Uhr
Führungen Di 18.00 Uhr; So 15.00 Uhr
Di - Fr 15.00 - 18.00 Uhr, Sa/So 11.00 – 18.00 Uh


Webergasse 22
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 35 12-26 70

With the eclectic flair of its historic vaulted cellar and its modern sound, the persuasive juxtaposition of big name acts and exciting decor, a visit to the Jazzkeller (Jazz Club) is a must for superbly interpreted jazz music.
Concerts take place once a month, usually on a Friday, for which two tickets will be made available to Kulturpass pass holders.

Junge Süddeutsche Philharmonie Esslingen
Phone (07 11) 3 42 87 77

The JSPE (South German Youth Orchestra of Esslingen) is a semi-professional symphonic orchestra that provides young instrumentalists with the opportunity to study and perform works by the great composers of symphonic music alongside notable lecturers and soloists. The orchestra puts on several concerts in Esslingen, including in the Neckar Forum and in the community hall on Blarerplatz. The number of free tickets for bearers of the Kulturpass varies according to the venue. Please enquire by telephone.


Kabarett der Galenstricke
Webergasse 9
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 35 44 44

The “Galgenstricke” (The Rogues) have made a name for themselves that reaches far beyond the city with their contemporary cabaret performances. Herbert Häfele and Erich Koslowski are both the performers and the owners. The snappy, contemporary cabaret of the Galgenstricke revolves around the city of Esslingen, and is played out in a cellar theatre with a comfortable café. Featured guests in the “Galgenstrickkeller” include famous cabaret artists from all various German-speaking countries.
For each event there are four tickets available for Kulturpass pass holders, which must be booked in advance by telephone.

Kammerchor ExVocal
Phone (07 11) 46 99 55 05

“A high level of artistry”, “moving expression” und “tasteful elegance” is how concert critics have reviewed the Kammerchor ExVocal Esslingen (Esslingen ExVocal Chamber Choir). The 25-strong ensemble is dedicated to performing a wide spectrum of vocal music, from the renaissance right up to the present day. The chamber choir develops two or three programmes each year, which it presents in the form of concerts, religious services and other events in and around Esslingen. The ExVocal Chamber Choir regularly works with other ensembles and young soloists from the area around Esslingen and Stuttgart. The choir has been led Stefan Hendel since 2006.
Entry to the concerts put on by the chamber choir is free of charge.

Kantorat der Stadtkirche St. Dionys
Uwe Schüssler
Phone (07 11) 3 16 62 38

The church choir of the parish church of St Dionys of Esslingen is the choir for the parish church and the Church of Our Lady, performing sacred choral music, both with and without orchestral accompaniment, ranging from the renaissance to the present day. The choir is made up of 40 men and women, and is directed by Uwe Schüssler. The church choir performs in religious services, and is participating in the series of concerts called “Stunde der Kirchenmusik” (An Hour of Church Music). In these concerts, various orchestrations of spiritual musical works from all periods of history are performed.
Generally, entry to the concerts is free, but on the rare occasions that an entry fee is charged, holders of the Kulturpass are still entitled to free entry.

keb Katholische Erwachsenenbildung im Landkreis Esslingen e.V.
Untere Beutau 8-10
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 38 21 74
Fax (07 11) 38 15 99

The Catholic Adult Education Centre for the district of Esslingen, shortened to “keb”, offers events for different target groups, such as for single parents, people without paid employment or politically interested people, in addition to learning opportunities. The accessible adult education group furthermore supports church congregations and organisations.

All of the keb’s own events are free to Kulturpass pass holders, with the exception of visits, weekends and family holidays. The offers of the church congregations, groups and organisations are separate, and therefore cannot be put forward here.

Maille 5-9
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 3 51 79 06

The “Komma” is a youth club and the go-to venue for new, young culture in Esslingen. Among its guest performers are bands and artists from both the local region and all over the world. From punk rock to heavy metal, from electro to jazz and classical, virtually every genre is represented in the Komma. Recitals and readings, theatre productions and the Esslingen Poetry Slam also take place here. The Komma is glad to welcome guests of all ages.
Events at the Komma are free for holders of a Kulturpass.

Kommunales Kino
Maille 4
73734 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 31 05 95 10

The Communal Cinema presents the most interesting and sophisticated new releases beyond the mainstream from all over the world, supplemented with historical and avant-garde works of cinema, debuts, retrospectives and programmes for particular target groups. The GONZO children’s cinema offers play and hands-on activities to complement the films. The annual QueerFilmFestival, the awarding of the establishment’s own prize for Best European Film Production (The “Goldene Zwiebel”, or Golden Onion), a multitude of performances with live shows and the popular open-air Esslingen Castle Cinema round off the cinema’s offerings.

1. Kulturpass pass holders can at any time enjoy reduced, member ticket prices for every event at the Communal Cinema, including all festivals and special performances.  
Tickets can always be reserved online or by telephone, or can be obtained by advance sales. Reductions range from € 0,50 (for children at the children’s cinema) to € 3,00 (regular events in the Communal Cinema and at the Esslingen Castle Cinema).

2. Moreover, every member is entitled to one free ticket to every regular event, provided it is not sold out. However, these free tickets will be distributed at the earliest 10 minutes before the start of the evening, or if the event is particularly popular immediately before the start of the event, provided the venue has not been filled. There is no fixed quota for these tickets.

3. All events at the Esslingen Castle Cinema and participation in accompanying programmes that charge a fee (workshops, breakfasts, coffee and cake, wine tastings etc.) are excluded from Rule 2.

Kultur am Rande e.V.
Spinnerei – Maille 3
73734 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 38 17 27

The Kultur am Rande association (Culture on the Brink) organises projects in cooperation with the homeless, covering such art forms as theatre, dance, literature, photography, painting, music and sculptural design. These productions are presented to the public in the form of exhibitions, concerts, evenings at the theatre and festivals.
Kulturpass holders are entitled to free entry to events organised by Kultur am Rande.

Dieselstrasse Kulturzentrum
Dieselstraße 26
73734 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 38 71 20

Alongside a continuous programme of jazz, folk, rock and cabaret music, the Dieselstrasse Kulturzentrum (Dieselstrasse Culture Centre) also offers children’s theatre, women-only discos, traditional breakfasts and discos. The Dieselstrasse is also a forum for discussion on political, social and ecological issues. The widely acclaimed highlights of the events put on here include the cabaret programme, as well as the recurring festivals such as “Komische Zeiten” (Funny Times) and the “Esslinger Akkordeontage” (Esslingen Accordion Days).
Two entry tickets are available for Kulturpass pass holders at each event.

Kunstakademie Esslingen
Fritz-Müller-Str. 1
73730 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 31 09-3 63

The Kunstakedemie Esslingen (Esslingen Art Academy) is a free, non-profit art school. The syllabus incorporates a wide spectrum of events and courses, which provide access to the practical and theoretical aspects of the visual arts in a variety of ways. Together with ongoing courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and print technology, the academy also offers workshops, weekend courses and certified yearly courses. The programme of courses is supplemented by a range of art lectures. As its lecturers, the Esslingen Art Academy employs full-time artists. International artists from the performing arts industry further enrich what the Academy has to offer.
For the courses that the Art Academy offers which require a certain number of participants, a number of places for Kulturpass holders are also available. Please address any enquiries directly to the Art Academy.

The first exhibition of the ESSLINGER KUNSTVEREIN (Esslingen Art Association) took place between 12th December 1975 and 25th January 1976. On display was a retrospective by the Esslingen painter Volker Böhringer (1911-1965). The curator of the exhibition was Heribert Glatzel, who today goes under the pseudonym of Friedland, and is counted among the most important watercolourists of the contemporary era. Meanwhile, there is an annual exhibition in the Villa Merkel, featuring works created by prestigious young artists.
Kulturpass holders have free entry to the Art Association’s exhibition.


Landesfilmdienst Baden-Württemberg e. V.
Neckarstr. 53
73728 Esslingen
Phone (0 71) 25 10 12

We are a non-profit association with a focus on media education, offering bearers of the Kulturpass access to, among other things, reduced-price cartoon workshops for children’s birthday celebrations. Visit to see an overview of our projects – come and take a look!
What’s more, the Regional Film Service for Baden-Württemberg e.V. has been providing films available for rental throughout the last 50 years – and not just for holders of the Kulturpass. A diverse choice of documentaries, historic films and other types of feature films await your viewing pleasure.

Literarisches Marionettentheater LIMA
Landolinsgasse 1
Phone (07 11) 31 11 24

Situated right in the heart of the Old Town is the former shoemakers’ guildhall, housing the smallest theatre in the region: the Literarischen Marionettentheater LIMA (The Literary Puppet Theatre). The venue owes its unique atmosphere to the nature and size of the auditorium (25 seats). The intimacy and tranquillity, reminiscent of a medieval chapel, that is found inside this cultural jewel sets the scene for sophisticated productions of classical theatre “en miniature”.

With the exception of premieres and special events, two tickets per performance are made available to holders of the Kulturpass. Tickets can be reserved via the LIMA’s card phone at 0711-311124, which is always open two hours before a performance.


Münster St. Paul

Church music takes pride of place in the Münster of St. Paul. This includes ceremonial church services with choral and instrumental music, as well as sacred evening services. From May through to October, a “Music in St. Paul” service takes place at 11:15 every Saturday, featuring organ concerts accompanied by other instruments, voices and other sources of sound. The “Musik der Zeiten” series (Music of the Ages) attempts to combine music dating from when the Münster was built with contemporary forms of music.

These concerts are generally free to attend, but when an entrance fee is charged, Kulturpass holders are still entitled to free entry.

Städtische Musikschule Esslingen
Blarerplatz 1
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
Phone (07 11) 35 12-26 38
Fax (07 11) 35 12-26 78

Whether young or old, classical or modern, alone or with a group, the Musikschule Esslingen (Esslingen Music School) is the place to go for anyone looking to learn an instrument.

From early lessons for the youngest learners to courses for senior citizens, from a basic training in orchestral and electronic instruments to scholarship programmes and preparation for university, the Music School offers an all-encompassing variety of lessons. It is a place of learning and a place to meet place for like-minded people, no matter whether their musical interest lies in classical, rock, pop or jazz music.
Around 1500 pupils are currently being supervised by roughly 50 instructors, all of whom are qualified musicians and teachers. Lessons take place in the central building of the Music School, on Blarerplatz. Furthermore, elementary instruction is offered to numerous primary and secondary schools, as well as nurseries, all across the city.

At the Music School there is usually a sibling discount of between 20 and 40 %. As of 01.04.2013, music lesson prices at the Städtische Musikschule will drop a further 25% for bearers of the Kulturpass when making a booking for the whole family.

Musikverein Liebersbronn
Phone (07 11) 9 31 93 77

The Stammkapelle choir of the Musikverein Liebersbronn (Liebersbronn Music Association) currently consists of around 25 musicians, performing under the leadership of Martin Ziller. With a diverse repertoire of modern popular music (vocal, big-band sound, brass band music), the Music Association provides the musical ambience at numerous festivals. The Association also offers musical training from qualified teachers for children, teenagers and adults.

The concerts and festivals put on by the Liebersbronn Music Association are always free to attend.


Oratorienverein Esslingen
Phone (07 11) 35 12-22 38

The Esslingen Oratorio Association has set itself the task of “performing sacred and secular music of masters old and new”. The choir is made up of 100 active singers and other members. The orchestra has existed since 1945, and has 30 members. One of the Association’s principle performance venues with a long tradition is the evangelical Church of St. Dionys in Esslingen. Every two years, the Oratorio Association organises the “Esslinger Forum für junge Solisten”, or Esslingen Forum for Young Soloists, which aims to provides young, upcoming talent with the opportunity to bring their talents to a wider audience.
Five free tickets are available to Kulturpass holders per concert.


Philharmonischer Chor Esslingen e.V.
Phone (07 11) 3 45-06 68

The Esslingen Philharmonic Choir has now been in existence for more than 40 years. Alongside many concerts in Esslingen itself, the Choir also undertakes concert tours in Esslingen’s sister cities and further afield. The Choir is involved time and again in artistic platform projects as well, such as the “stadt im fluss” cultural festival. Included in its repertoire are oratorios and masses from the baroque, classical, romantic and modern eras.

The Philharmonic Choir provides 15 free tickets for Kulturpass pass holders at every performance.


Singebration e.V.
Phone (07 11) 31 77 35

Singebration was founded in September 1997, and is led by John Outland. The Choir has a varied repertoire, ranging from pop to rock, from jazz to musicals and even gospel. A unique choreography is rehearsed for almost every song, and the outfits worn are both lavish and varied in their design.

There is a limited quota of tickets for holders of a Kulturpass, which depends on the size of the particular venue.

Städtische Museen Esslingen
Hafenmarkt 7
Kasse Telefon: 0711/ 3512 - 3227
Phone (07 11) 35 12-32 40

Di-Sa 14 – 18.00 Uhr
So+Feiertag 11.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Montags geschlossen

The permanent exhibitions at the Stadtmuseum Esslingen (Esslingen City Museum) in the “Gelben Haus” at Hafenmarkt 7 enable visitors to tread a path through the history of Esslingen, from the first mentions of the city in the year 777 right up to the 20th Century. Regular temporary exhibitions cover separate aspects of Esslingen’s cultural history.

The J. F. Schreiber Museum at Salemer Pfleghof (Untere Beutau 8-10) recounts the history of the Schreiber Publishing Company and its products, including cardboard models, classroom posters, toy theatres, natural history and children’s books, most notably “Etwas von den Wurzelkindern” (The Children of the Root Bowl). New models are constantly being created on the great drawing board.

The “Ausgrabungsmuseum” (Excavation Museum) under the Church of St. Dionys (guided tours every Thursday and Sunday at 15:00) presents the predecessor buildings of the current church, and at the same time the origins of the city dating from the 8th Century A.D.

The little “Schulmuseum” (School Museum) at Sulzgrieser Straße 105/109 (entry is via the playground) shows a classroom as it might have looked 80 or 100 years ago. On the first Sunday of every month (14:00-18:00, in December only until 17:00, closed throughout January), you can embark upon this journey through the history of schooling.

Bearers of a Kulturpass are entitled to free entry in the city’s various museums. For public events that do not require registration and charge no fee, for example lectures, Kulturpass pass holders have free entry from 15 minutes before the start of the event – this is dependent on the number of places that are still vacant. Public events that do require registration are still free for Kulturpass holders, but registration is nonetheless required.

Stadtarchiv Esslingen
Marktplatz 20
Phone (07 11) 35 12-25 30

Mo - Mi 8.30 - 12.00 Uhr und 13.00 - 16.00 Uhr
Do 8.30 - 12.00 Uhr und 13.00 - 18.00 Uhr
Fr 8.30 - 12.00 Uhr

With roughly 10,000 documents and a total of 2.8km of archive and library material, both from the age of empire and more recent times, the Stadtarchiv Esslingen (Esslingen City Archives) is considered one of the highest-quality communal archives in southwest Germany. The city’s documents are complemented by maps and plans, photographs, postcards and numerous more valuable documents. Users have access to a comprehensive academic library, and can rely on expert advice in the reading room.
Use of the City Archives is free of charge for all. For presentations with an entrance fee, bearers of a Kulturpass are still entitled to free entry.

Stadtbücherei Esslingen
Heugasse 9
Phone (07 11) 35 12-29 79

The “Stadtbücherei” (Public Library) is the literary heart of the city. Housed in part of a former medieval monastery, the library is a centre of modern media and communication, giving access to computers and new forms of media alongside books, newspapers and magazines. Digital media can be borrowed from the online library at any time, day or night.

The Public Library also contains its own children’s and youth section, and maintains a branch office as well as a mobile library. A range of events takes place in the library, including a “Philosophical Café”, “Meet the Author”, “Discussions of our Time” and “The Joy of Reading”, in addition to children’s events such as “Class Readings”, “Armchair Reading Sessions”, “Meet and Play”, workshops etc. As a counterpoint to the classic events involving readings by the author, the library organises a series of events called “Resonanz Musik” (Resonance Music). The “Esslinger Literaturtage” (Esslingen Literary Days), or “LesART”, featuring prominent authors of contemporary literature, form the highpoint of the literary year.

Kulturpass holders receive an ID card which allows them to borrow media free of charge. Two free tickets are available to Kulturpass pass holders for events at the Public Library, which can be reserved by telephone. Any remaining places can be distributed to authorised recipients (with a Kulturpass) at the box office.

Stadtkapelle Esslingen Musikverein RSK
Phone (07 11) 3 70 48 57

The Esslingen City Band maintains a broad repertoire, ranging from popular music to classical and contemporary brass band literature. It currently contains roughly 45 musicians and is directed by Michael Unger. Various concerts are put on over the course of a year at venues including the parish hall on Blarerplatz and the Neckarforum among others.

The annual City Band Youth Concert takes place every October, and entry is free of charge. In addition, the City Band provides six tickets per concert for holders of a Kulturpass.

SKS Erwin Russ GmbH
Phone (07 11) 1 63 53 21

The “Esslinger Meisterkonzerte” (Esslingen Master Concerts) are a perfect example of highly successful cooperation between the city of Esslingen am Neckar and the concert management company, Südwestdeutschen Konzertdirektion Erwin Russ GmbH. The demanding series of classical concerts, performed in the Neckarforum, feature guest appearances from notable orchestras and soloists. The interesting pieces performed by the young artists and established musical personalities promises a spectacular series of evenings.

Südwestdeutsche Konzertdirektion Erwin Russ GmbH makes a limited quota of tickets available for each concert to holders of a Kulturpass.


Every other year, tonArt brings together a series of “Esslinger Kultureinrichtungen” (Esslingen Cultural Establishments), focussed around the theme of “New Music”. The intent here is to achieve stylistic variety under one, overarching motto. What sometimes emerges is a small festival, which is most likely unique to Esslingen. Over the years, a varied cooperation has developed between different cultural institutions in the city, from churches to schools and galleries, as well as the Dieselstrasse Culture Centre.

At tonArt events, two tickets per event are reserved for owners of a Kulturpass. The tickets should be ordered by post.


Volkshochschule Esslingen
Mettinger Str. 125
Phone (07 11) 55 02-10

At the Esslingen Adult Education Centre (VHS), in the subject areas of “Culture and Design” and “Community and Living”, culture is on the move in every sense. Through many new and sometimes exotic courses, we provide you with the opportunity simply to try out something new in the artistic or cultural domains, to experiment, and perhaps even to let yourself be guided in a new direction.

The VHS provides 50 places to holders of a Kulturpass, offering a total of 40 events per semester. The entitlement provided by the Esslingen Kulturpass applies only to cultural offers in the broadest sense, meaning only for the subject areas of “Community and Living” and “Culture and Design”.
You are required to register personally, and must present a Kulturpass to do so. It cannot be guaranteed that the booked event will take place. If the event should be cancelled, the booked place will be credited back to your quota.

VoicES Junger Chor Sängerbund RSK
Phone (07 11) 37 14 80

VoicES is the "Youth Choir" in the Sängerbund RSK-Esslingen (Esslingen Singing Association). Founded in 1997 by 12 singers, it has since grown to include 50 male and female voices, who meet for choir practice every Tuesday in the Bürgerhaus in Sulzgries. Under the professional leadership of young and adventurous director, Jan Croonenbroeck, the choir added a new string to its bow in 2014 by performing German pop songs. Among its repertoire are pop and jazz songs, as well as gospel and classical pieces, and essentially anything that is fun and provides a musical challenge.
The traditional choir and Youth Choir (VoicES) of the Sängerbund RSK offers holders of a Kulturpass free entry to their own concerts. It is sufficient simply to show your pass to the box office upon entry.



Bürgerservice Soziales
Beblingerstraße 3
73728 Esslingen a. N.
Phone (07 11) 35 12-28 55

More phonennumbers
0711/ 3512 2702
0711/ 3512 2689


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