Dog ownership

Dogs and people in Esslingen

There are currently around 2,100 dogs registered in Esslingen. This calls for tolerance, mutual consideration and compliance with a few rules.

Dog excrement and dog waste stations

The average dog produces around 300 grams of excrement a day. That adds up to approximately 230 (!) tons of dog excrement per year. It is only natural for people to get annoyed at the sight of dog dirt on sidewalks, grassed areas and playgrounds. Dog excrement also poses a health risk, particularly for children. This is why dogs are banned from children’s playgrounds, sports fields and sunbathing lawns.

Dog excrement makes looking after lawns in parks and other green spaces extremely unpleasant. Moreover, dog urine can cause severe damage to turf, shrubs and trees.

Dog waste stations

The City of Esslingen has therefore erected 60 containers intended solely for dog waste at various locations throughout the city.


The precise locations of the dog waste stations in Esslingen are listed here:

Please report full, malfunctioning or damaged containers to the Municipal Construction Management Office (Städtischer Baubetrieb).


Dog poop bag dispensers

Dog poop bags
The most hygienic way to dispose of the mess left behind by your four-legged friend is to use a dog poop bag. To kick off the project, we are making bags available free of charge from:

Schreibwaren Georg Zauner
Köngener Str. 7
Mo - Sa: 7-12:30 Uhr
Mo - Fr: 14:30-18 Uhr

Recyclinghof Berkheim
Mi 16-18 Uhr
Sa 10-12 Uhr

Birgit's Lädle
Esslinger Str. 4
73732 Esslingen am Neckar
Mo - Fr: 8 - 12:30 Uhr und 14:30 Uhr
Di nachmittags geschlossen
Sa: 8 - 12:30 Uhr

Esso Station
Ulmer Straße 83
Phone (07 11) 31 38 72

Bürgerhaus Pliensauvorstadt
zu den üblichen Öffnungszeiten Montag 8-10, Mittwoch 10-12 und Freitag 14-17 Uhr

Rüdern, Sulzgries, Krummenacker, Neckarhalde
Schreib & Buch Beck
Sulzgrieser Str. 93/2

Birgit Kroll
Eulenweg 1
Phone (07 11) 31 86 37

Apotheke am Zollberg
Zollernplatz 7/1

Important note:

Unleashed dogs

There have been repeated incidents of unleashed dogs causing a nuisance and posing a threat to human beings. Dogs must be kept on a leash in pedestrian precincts and public parks. In other parts of town, dogs must be kept on a leash if they are not under the control of their owners at all times.

It is predominantly in pedestrian precincts and parks that dogs make a nuisance of themselves. They cannot always be relied upon to react appropriately. You would no doubt feel annoyed if someone else’s dog jumped up at you and started sniffing. Moreover, dogs often get into tussles with other dogs while out on walks with their owners.


Please bear in mind that peace and quiet is very important to many people. Try to keep your dog in such a way that it does not cause disturbance due to constant barking or whining. If your dog barks or whines frequently, it must be kept in a closed room at night (10 pm to 6 am).

Dangerous dog breeds

For certain dog breeds, special leash and muzzle requirements are prescribed by the Police Regulations of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry for Rural Areas (Polizeiverordnung des Innenministeriums und des Ministeriums Ländlicher Raum) dated 03.08.2000.

Should you have any questions or require further information on this subject, please feel free to contact us.

Dog license fee

The dog license fee is not specifically intended to cover the costs of removing dog excrement. Therefore it should not be seen as a cleaning fee. Like all other taxes, the dog license fee flows into the general budget and is used to finance the many amenities and services made available to all citizens.

Many dog owners have long since accepted that these regulations have to be complied with. Please bear in mind that breaches of the legal provisions currently in place are punishable by heavy fines!


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