Municipal Social Services

Municipal Social Services – Advice and assistance for people with social problems

The Municipal Social Services (Kommunale Sozialdienst or KSD) makes a significant contribution towards advising and supporting the people of Esslingen with their social and financial difficulties.

Our mission

About us

  • It is our mission, in cooperation with other bodies, to help people in difficult psychosocial situations to overcome their problems and return to an independent, dignified way of life. We put people with social problems in contact with a person they can trust.
  • We offer solution-orientated services geared to the client’s resources.
  • We take advantage of the social support offered by people in the local community and coordinate assistance in the interests of the person concerned. Our work is based on recognized standards of professional practice and is performed in cooperation with other experts.

In addition to offering assistance in specific cases, we keep an eye on developments that are likely to lead to social deprivation in the various districts of Esslingen. Together with other administrative experts and cooperation partners from private charities, etc., we devise solutions aimed at alleviating or preventing hardship (preventive work).

Assisted living (Betreutes Wohnen) for people with social problems

We manage several residential homes for people with serious social problems and assist them in living in their own four walls.

This service is based on the following legal provisions:

Section 67 of the German Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch – SGB) XII
Persons experiencing social problems on account of their circumstances must be provided with assistance in overcoming these difficulties if they are unable to do so of their own accord.

Section 53 of the German Social Code XII
Community integration support for the disabled

Therapeutic aftercare – communal living facilities for people recovering from addiction

Aftercare facility catering for people in the transition phase between in-patient therapy and independent living.

Have you decided to lead an addiction-free life?
Do you want to move on to the next stage along with other people?

If so, here’s what we can offer you:
Intensive aftercare in a safe environment free of addictive substances. Social workers with extensive experience in the field of addiction will be on hand to advise and support you. In cooperation with other addiction treatment providers, we provide a sustainable, tried and tested network.

It is our aim to ensure that you learn to implement the behavior patterns and problem-solving strategies learned during therapy on an everyday basis and succeed in leading an independent life.

How we help you:

  • Provision of accommodation (in a 5-bed facility). Partially furnished rooms are available. The communal rooms are shared with the other residents.
  • Support in coping with personal crises
  • Assistance in developing personal and vocational goals. We help you achieve your objectives one step at a time.
  • Help with contacting medical services, public authorities and debt counseling agencies
  • Support in structuring your day-to-day life; ideas on what to do in your free time
  • Assistance in searching for work and housing
  • Assistance in dealing with relationship problems or domestic conflicts
  • Support in re-establishing social contacts

Criteria for the offer of a place:

  • You suffer from an addiction and, having completed a course of in-patient therapy, you want to live without addictive substances
  • You wish to take part in group and one-to-one discussions that have a stabilizing effect
  • The Social Services Office responsible for your case is prepared to pay the costs
  • You are able to look after yourself (shopping, eating...)

Should you be interested in the services we offer, please send an application, including an overview of your personal goals, your past life and your addiction history, to the indicated address.

“Klosterallee” communal living facility for chronic addicts with multiple problems

We offer needs-based care and support for people suffering from long-term alcoholism, homelessness, unemployment and other social problems.

Target group:

  • Long-term addicts with little or no motivation to get clean
  • People with psychological, neurological and / or psychosomatic disorders as a result of taking addictive substances
  • People with no stabilizing social contacts and only limited social skills
  • People in insecure living conditions (unemployed and homeless)

People who don’t qualify for a place:

  • Severely physically disabled persons in need of constant care
  • People suffering from chronic psychosis
  • People chronically dependent on illegal drugs

Objectives of the assistance offered:

  • To improve the health and psychosocial situation of the person concerned
  • To reinforce self-healing powers and resources
  • To increase motivation to reduce the intake of addictive substances to a socially acceptable level
  • Where possible, to place the person concerned in secure housing and refer him/her to other specialist services

How we help you:

  • Provision of accommodation in a (6-bed) communal living facility comprising single rooms and communal rooms for use by all residents
  • Where necessary, assistance with personal care and “meals on wheels”
  • One-to-one counseling and support
  • Support in coping with acute crises
  • Help in dealing with public authorities (debt settlement, applications, job center, etc.)
  • Assistance with planning routine and recreational activities
  • Informational and motivational talks on the subject of alcohol dependency, health and hygiene

Criteria for the offer of a place:

  • Approval by the Office for Public Order (Ordnungsamt). (Legally speaking, the facility is a homeless shelter)
  • Settlement of costs, possibly including approval of extra care costs by the health insurance fund or the social services.
  • Admission interview
  • Acceptance of the house rules

Community support projects

Esslingen Council’s Social Welfare Office (Amt für Sozialwesen) initiates and funds community support projects. Community work is social work conducted on a small-scale basis with a strong focus on prevention. It takes place in enclosed, defined urban spaces. We are involved in the following projects:

  • Community support work in Brühl
  • Multi-generational living in Zollberg
  • District development in Pliensauvorstadt
  • Family center in Mettingen

Our staff take part in tours of individual districts to find out about local developments.

We cooperate with a wide range of bodies based in the various districts (residents’ committees, private funding agencies, private charities, etc.), as well as housing associations (Baugenossenschaft Esslingen, Esslinger Wohnungsbau GmbH), the local Parks Department and the Town Planning Office, in order to promote positive developments throughout the town.


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