Pension office

Pension advice

The Pension Office (Rentenstelle) of Esslingen am Neckar Council offers residents of Esslingen support and advice on all pension-related issues.

It therefore provides local services to supplement those provided by the German Pension Insurance Organization (Deutsche Rentenversicherung).
In particular, the services available from the Pension Office include the following:

  • Information and advice on the statutory pension scheme and other areas of social security
  • Acceptance and forwarding of all pension applications – including submissions by foreign applicants 
  • Applications for clarification of pension entitlement taking into account periods spent abroad in vocational training and employment
  • Applications for child-raising periods to be taken into account


For personal advice or to file an application, please arrange an appointment beforehand –

either over the phone or in person. We will then let you know what documents you need to bring with you.