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Design – Foundational Concept

An (integration) policy with the purpose of reaching people, which aims to convey and promote binding foundations for living alongside one another, must take into consideration our multi-faceted and varied daily routines.

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Therefore, the Esslingen integration plan deals with this diversity, the resulting questions and topics and of course with the existing potentials and opportunities that our city lives on.


The Committee for Migration and Integration created the Esslingen Integration Plan at the request of the Municipal Council and the City Administration. This plan serves as the basis for future urban integration policies, working and building on a joint understanding of integration and integration targets.

It outlines framework conditions for widespread participation, and creates a platform for respectful conduct and the reduction of mutual prejudices. It requests and promotes municipal dialogue as well as the self-committed contribution of all, in their respective areas of responsibility, and asks the constantly recurring question: How do we want to live together?


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Implementation - concrete steps

Living integration needs a broad anchoring in the citizenry and an active design. The administration wants to do its part and implement the recommendations for action of the integration plan in a qualified and measurable way.

2016 and Implementation in 2017

For the years 2016 and 2017, the stipulation applies: "The city of Esslingen is a tolerant city that integrates all its inhabitants, ensuring the participation of people with a migration background and tailoring them to their target groups".

Due to the current challenges in the areas of integration, flight and asylum, it is in the city's self-image to continue to position itself on the continuation and setting of integration goals.

This means that the Esslingen integration plan is being updated, the topic of flight and asylum expanded and divided into three parts:

  • Integration and participation in Esslingen
  • General offer and action catalog
  • Concrete location-specific implementation


In 2015, a total of 17 out of 10 product groups were taken over at the suggestion of the Fachrat für Migration und Integration and the administration, out of the unconsidered targets of the previous year.


Based on the decisions of the Education and Social Affairs Committee (ABES) and the municipal council, at least five qualitative objectives should be set in the urban departments for the fields of action and recommendations in the 2014 budget as identified in the integration plan. Initiated by the Department for Migration and Integration, all offices and their own companies were therefore called upon to formulate qualitative integration-specific goals for their area on the basis of the Esslingen Integration Plan.

For 2014, a total of 40 goals were reported. As the Council for Migration and Integration emphasized the intercultural opening of the city administration and the intercultural training of employees, 14 related objectives were selected from seven product groups.


"People from 135 nations in Esslingen am Neckar express their diversity and diversity in their coexistence and coexistence." They are an elementary part of a committed, engaged urban society and an integral part of coexistence. "Integration, however, does not come of its own accord and requires active shaping The administration wants to make a contribution to product group goals and product targets in a qualified and measurable manner to implement the diverse goals and recommendations for action of the Esslingen integration plan, "said Lord Mayor. Jürgen Zieger in the municipal council meeting of June 24, 2013.

"The success of the implementation of recommendations for action from the highly regarded Esslingen integration plan depends above all on the extent to which it is possible to carry out the implementation into the citizenry and to translate it into further individual measures", underlined OB Zieger the necessity, the ostrich of the recommendations implement as widely as possible. "Only then does the integration plan receive the desirable and necessary recognition that it, like all those involved in its formation, deserves," said OB Zieger.


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