City Movie Theater

The city movie theater offers more than 600 showings a year of European cinematography, film discoveries from the 3rd world, retrospectives, and special group programs.

Each year, an open air cinema is built at the castle.

Esslingen am Neckar also has its own audience film award: The Golden Onion.

The Gonzo!-Kinderkino shows children’s movies every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 3 p.m. Every Friday, the film is followed by games and arts and crafts activities.

The movie theater and its LUX café and bar are a popular meeting place in Esslingen’s cultural scene.


Kommunales Kino
Maille 4-9
73728 Esslingen a. N.
Phone (07 11) 31 05 95-15

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Kommunales Kino
Traumpalast Esslingen

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