Climate Protection

25 percent less carbon dioxide by 2020

Esslingen am Neckar is committed to its responsibility. With the aim of "25% less CO2 by 2020", the city is actively working on climate protection.

A large part of the greenhouse effect and the resulting climate change is caused by urban and industrial growth and therefore more prevalent in urban areas. Cities are thus expected to develop sustainable future city models with the goal of reducing climate-relevant trace gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen.

Esslingen takes responsibility in climate protection

Since 2001, the city of Esslingen am Neckar has been a member of the Climate Alliance, as well as the European network Covenant of Mayors since 2011. The political commitment to a common goal in the area of climate protection and the resulting obligations was articulated in Esslingen in 2007 by the Municipal Council. This states: 25% less CO2 emissions throughout the city of Esslingen by the year 2020 in comparison to 2007.

The integratet climate protection concept of Esslingen

Associated was the desire for an overall CO2 balance for the city of Esslingen and a comprehensive list of measures that will allow the city to achieve its climate protection goal.
Esslingen am Neckar decided to commission the renowned IFEU-Institut in Heidelberg with the creation of an integrated approach for climate protection. In addition to the balance sheet and scenarios, it also included a comprehensive package of measures that was agreed upon by the Municipal Council on June 28, 2010. Since then, the city has been working constantly on the implementation of over 40 projects.


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