Medieval Market and Christmas Market

Experience the old days in a historic setting

The Esslingen Medieval Market and Christmas Market is unique. With more than 180 booths, attractions, medieval music and a broad cultural program the Esslingen Market is one of the largest and most attractive in the region.

All around the Rathausplatz and Hafenmarkt, the Medieval Market highlights aspects of medieval life, trade and craftsmanship. Tours, medieval games, archery and demonstrations by jugglers and minstrels round off the atmospheric offerings.

For almost four weeks at the Medieval Market, merchants in historical garments offer their goods for sale just as they did hundreds of years ago. Craftsmen like pewterers, felt-makers, tinder-makers, blacksmiths, rope-makers, basket-makers, broom-makers or glass-blowers demonstrate their craftsmanship. Furthermore, in the streets and on various stages artists fascinate their audience with juggling, music and nonsense.

All around, Esslingen´s medieval half-timbered houses create a unique and spectacular backdrop. The Middle Ages with all one´s senses, lock, stock and barrel. It is little wonder that crowds flock to this spectacle - from the region, from Germany, from all over the world.

At the classic Christmas market, located directly next to the marketplace, the stalls offer a wide variety of products, ranging from wooden toys to herbs, soaps, angels and Christmas stars. There is also an advent market, which is held in Ritterstraße on the four weekends of the advent period. Whether it’s the Medieval or traditional market that tickles your fancy, all the required creature comforts will be provided.

More information concerning the Esslingen Medieval and Christmas markets can be found at the website of Esslinger Stadtmarketing und Tourismus GmbH.

The Esslingen Medieval Market and Christmas Market


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