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The Business Development of the City of Esslingen is the competent contact partner regarding all location queries for Esslingen companies, for those interested in establishing a company and for potential investors.


As a moderator between business, science, public authorities, politics and citizens, the Business Development Department companies the projects of companies and helps to achieve their effective realization.

Piloting Function

More transparent, simpler, more efficient. For most companies, complicated approval or administrative processes are often extremely time-consuming. The Department of Economic Development is here to help you keep the bureaucracy to a minimum.

Already during the planning phase of your project, we work with you to decide which permits and documents you will need and what potential difficulties could arise in the implementation phase so that we can solve these together.

As a central point of contact at the interface to the Administration, we see your projects through from start to finish and work towards a timely implementation of your projects. We find the contact people you need and ensure smooth communication between all those involved. Therefore, you can begin avoiding frictional losses and delays as early as the planning phase and thus achieve your goals even faster.

Our services for you:

  • Guidance Service within the Administration
  • If necessary, the organization of round tables in advance of complex approval procedures with various representatives of public interests to clarify the fundamental framework conditions
  • Expert advice and assistance in administrative procedures
  • Results-oriented facilitation and coordination of administrative procedures
  • Support in the approval process

Investors Service

Site Request

Your central point of contact is the Esslingen Department of Economic Development. We will advise you in all questions relating to site selection in Esslingen. Together with you in a personal consultation, we will identify your needs, collect all relevant data, and specify the details.

Site Search

Time is money. We have implemented a process for quickly processing your site request. This allows us to deliver up-to-date results of our site search in a timely manner.
The more specific your site request, the more successful we can be in finding a suitable location. Our central database contains all available spaces in Esslingen and can be searched according to individual parameters. In addition, we have detailed knowledge of local circumstances and, thanks to our excellent network of contacts, can also take soon-to-be-available sites into account.

Site Offer

You will receive your individual site offer with all available sites in Esslingen corresponding to your needs. All site selection factors are displayed transparently. These include the necessary data and addresses of scientific institutions, education and training institutions, statistical data, and information about transportation, industries, cooperation partners, and competitors in Esslingen.

We will provide you with a direct, on-site contact for site visits, negotiations, and further information. You can get a first impression of real estate and industrial space offers in Esslingen in advance via our local commercial land exchange. 

Settlement Support

The new establishments in Esslingen is an expression of the dynamics and quality of the business location.

In this context, the Department of Economic Development is constantly looking to contact companies outside of Esslingen and is therefore represented at various trade fairs and events. We are available to meet you at the Expo Real visit us at the Region Stuttgart stand!

You can get a first impression of the real estate and industrial space offers in Esslingen via our local Commercial Land Exchange.

The Life Science Center Esslingen am Neckar (LSC) has established itself within the city. Here, young biotechnology companies are working on future topics and benefit from funding from the "Life Science Fonds Esslingen". 

The integration of Esslingen boasts settlement funding with model character in its BioRegio STERN:

STERN stands for the five dynamic biotechnology locations in southwest Germany: Stuttgart, Tübingen, Esslingen, Reutlingen, Neckar-Alb. The BioRegio STERN promotes biotechnology in the region at the order and in the interest of the public.  Essential tasks are to advise, inform, coordinate, network, and market.

Inventory Maintenance

Succession in company leadership is both a particular challenge and opportunity for every economic, trade, and service company. The successful execution of this process is paramount for the company itself, the people it employs, and the city of Esslingen.

This is reason enough to include the entire wealth of experience that partners in Esslingen have in the business succession process.

In addition to new innovative technological stimuli such as the Life Science Center Esslingen, the Esslingen Company Sucession Initiative is an important building block in the effort to safeguard the future of Esslingen as a top place to do business. The Esslingen am Neckar initiative provides practice-oriented information to the Department of Economic Development, the IHK Region Stuttgart Esslingen District Chamber, the Hochschule Esslingen, the RKW, the Esslingen District Association of Craftspeople, the Push! e.V., the Business Juniors, and the Volksbank Esslingen eG about the most important aspects for company succession and therefore acts as a key advisor in efforts to safeguard Esslingen’s economic future.

Network Communication

Esslingen’s strength and unique position come from a well-functioning network: A combination of top technological producers, suppliers, and the Hochschule Esslingen with a focus on technology, e.g. mechanical engineering, mechatronics, automobile production, information technology, and electrical engineering. 

Esslingen companies solve problems, implement new, market-oriented technical processes, and produce innovative products. The Esslingen Department of Economic Development cooperates with all on-site stakeholders. This cooperation has proven to be the recipe for success.

Companies and the city benefit from successful local and regional networking:


Science and Technology


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