Municipal Archive

Municipal Archive Esslingen

The Municipal Archives are tasked with storing, organising and indexing the city’s documents, photographs and audio materials that have been marked for storage in a professional manner.

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Municipal administrative documents are constantly being added to in the form of collections of maps and plans, photos and postcards, posters, newspapers etc.

The extensive reference library contains reference works, magazines and numerous books about the history of Esslingen and its surrounding area, as well as about the history of the Imperial City.

The day-to-day goings on in Esslingen have been chronicled since 1803, a process which continues to this day. Research results are published in magazines and in the Studies of Esslingen publication series, and responsibility for publishing these falls to the Municipal Archives.

The Municipal Archives are open to all for the purposes of academic research, investigations into local history and private research. Visitors to the archives are expertly advised as to where he or she can find the relevant search aids and archive documents. The index of people, buildings, specialists, associations, companies and architects is constantly updated and allows users quickly to find what they are looking for.


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